Pre-Emptive Action 'on the Table' for North Korea Threat — Tillerson

"The policy of strategic patience has ended" Secretary of State Rex Tillerson left said of dealing with North Korea Friday. Tillerson is visiting South Korea he's seen here alongside South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se in Seoul

China is perhaps the only country with significant leverage over North Korea, which has ignored several rounds of UN-backed sanctions targeting its banned weapons programme.

In a post on his Twitter account, the US president said: "North Korea is behaving very badly".

"The policy of strategic patience has ended", Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, left, said of dealing with North Korea Friday. We, in Japan, will continue to closely watch the Trump administration's review of U.S. policy toward North Korea.

"On March 11 alone, many enemy carrier-based aircraft flew along a course near territorial air and waters of the DPRK to stage drills of dropping bombs and making surprise attacks on the ground targets of its army", the North Korean news agency said.

In a surprise statement, Yun appeared to suggest that South Korea would support military options.

"The missile is seen to have landed within a 20-km (12-mile) boundary west of the Oga peninsula", a speaker blared during the evacuation.

No hay pruebas de espionaje a Trump: Congreso
Desde entonces, la Casa Blanca ha estado sometida a una presión creciente del Capitolio para suministrar evidencias. Trump dijo que habrá "algunos temas muy interesantes que saldrán a relucir en las próximas dos semanas".

The former ExxonMobil CEO said that after two decades of failed and costly attempts to contain Pyongyang's nuclear development, it was time for a new approach.

"In return, North Korea has detonated nuclear weapons, and dramatically increased its launches of ballistic missiles to threaten America and our allies", he said. President Trump responded in a tweet: "It won't happen!"

State Department officials have described Mr Tillerson's trip as a "listening tour" as the administration seeks a coherent North Korea policy, well-coordinated with its Asian partners.

China resents pressure from the US to do more about North Korea.

"I don't believe we have ever fully achieved the maximum level of action that can be taken under the UN Security Council resolution with full participation of all countries", he said. "On North Korea, we share stance that we cannot absolutely accept Pyongyang's missile and nuclear programs". Beijing is North Korea's main diplomatic ally and trade partner. Washington is also deploying armed drones and the THAAD missile defense system to South Korea, in an effort to defend from North Korea's ballistic missiles. A presidential election will be held on May 9.

A liberal opposition politician, Moon Jae-in, who has raised questions about the THAAD deployment, is leading in the opinion polls. The two will hold a joint news conference before entering into the talks. However, the US missile defense system would "upset the regional strategic balance", as its radars would cover a large part of China. He ruled out talks with North Korea until it commits to giving up its nuclear weapons.