Behold the 2017 Google Pixel XL

Pixel XL 2017 Really Blue

Pixel XL 2017 Really Blue

Google helped usher in the virtual home button device with the original Pixel and Pixel XL and will likely continue the design with the upcoming device. It's not clear if this will work exactly the same on the Pixel as it does on the U11, but on the U 11 you can set different shortcuts for different types of squeezes. While the display itself is flat, the glass covering it seems to have pretty pronounced curves on the right and left sides.

Around the front is the biggest departure style-wise from last year, with a rumoured new 6-inch 2K 2:1 AMOLED display with rounded edges a la the LG G6, which isn't a surprise as this panel is rumoured to be made by LG Display.

Google is working on the next Pixel phones, and an image of the larger-sized phone has just leaked. The company's first series of Pixel-branded smartphones launched in Quite Black, Really Blue, and Very Silver variants, with the names of all three options clearly making fun of contemporary color naming practices in the smartphone industry; names like Jet Black, Coral Blue, and Solar Red are a common sight in today's market and the Mountain View, California-based tech giant is reportedly still adamant to have some tongue-in-cheek fun on the account of that trend. We're certainly excited to discover what novelties these handsets will bring. Also, on the top of the device, it looks like there could be an opening for a headphone jack.

Pixel XL 2017 Very Silver

Unfortunately, the rumours of the smaller Pixel remaining largely unchanged from the 2016 model are persisting. Several of us at Ausdorid opted for the 5-inch 20016 Pixel for example, we will watch the 5-inch model with interest.

Android Police's render lines up with some of the Pixel 2's rumors, including the rumor that the glass panel on the phone's back will be smaller.

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