Google Pixel XL 2 could feature AOD and 'always-on' squeezable shortcut

Google Pixel XL 2 could feature AOD and 'always-on' squeezable shortcut

Google Pixel XL 2 could feature AOD and 'always-on' squeezable shortcut

Information on these upcoming features were shared by the folks over at the XDA Developers website. The display for instance is rumoured to get a size bump. not necessarily with a body size bump.

With low-bezel AMOLED display and a squeezable frame, the second generation of Google Pixel is huge based on the recent leak from Android Police. We're calling it the "XL" for the sake of ease of understanding here, not because we specifically have information suggesting Google is retaining that naming convention.

Additionally, the report continues to mention other features as well, including squeeze gestures which means you can turn on/off specific functions by squeezing the device. Last year Google pixel is one of the best smartphones. Even if it's not a curved display it is likely to have a 3G glass effect. This option is mode because hand covers the bottom speakers. The Ambient display feature that will work in the same manner as it does on Samsung's new smartphones. XDA's source also said that there will be a "Vivid Colors" display profile that will accompany the sRGB mode.

On the downside, this feature is believed to incur some extent of battery drain. The device seemingly borrows inspiration not only from the Pixel XL, but also the LG G6 through the adoption of a taller display with minimal bezels. My Pixel XL's camera is the primary reason I've held onto it even after the Galaxy S8's release, so I'm just hoping Google doesn't somehow make a misstep for the sequel.

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On the images showing the next smartphone by Google in silver and blue colors.

Looking at the device's front, fans can see a large speaker grill, that might also double up to provide stereo sound.

Long story short, Google seems to be pulling out all the stops to dominate the smartphone market with the Pixel XL 2, but that unfortunately might not be the case with the Pixel 2, which could be sold as a cheaper alternative to the new Pixel XL.

There are still many features that remain under the shadow, like those of external antenna bands and camera physiques. The easter egg in Android Nougat involves collecting cats, while the previous two Android versions involve a Flappy Bird-style game.