Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16241 Available Now

People who at least tried Windows Phone grew to love the freshness and ease of use.

Users of Windows-powered phones - which have failed badly against rivals from Apple and Google Android - were invited to upgrade to its latest Windows 10 version after Microsoft officially stopped supporting the earlier version on Wednesday. What interests me is that some cybersecurity experts believe that Windows Phone is the most secure mobile operating system. But now that this feature has been cut from the Fall Creators Update, Windows Insiders, fans and enthusiasts alike have been outraged at Microsoft's inability to build an announced feature in time for release.

A lack of third part apps, an ill-fated partnership, eventual takeover and embarrassing reselling of Nokia and a general indifferent to the handset's generic design meant Microsoft never caught up with its early-adopter competition.

Virtualized Persistent Memory (vPMEM) is enabled by creating a VHD file (.vhdpmem) on a direct access volume on a host, adding a vPMEM Controller to a VM, and adding the created device (.vhdpmem) to a VM.

The confirmation on Microsoft's support page this week is likely to come as shock to Windows Phone users given that 70 percent of Windows Phone devices run version 8.1. Select the edition you require from the drop-down box, and click Confirm.

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Are you an Insider and like what you see coming to the new update coming later this year? Refined Acrylic Material which is a new look of the user interface which you can see below.

The last build featured for instance options in the UI to limit the upload and download bandwidth of Windows Update. The full list of known issues within this preview build can be found in Microsoft's blog post announcing its release. It is less probable because it is very difficult to develop malware for iPhones, because the operating system is closed to outside programmers. It's a tough little unit that's actually still in use.

Cluster Sets: A couple of key functionalities to enable end-to-end testing of Cluster Sets scenarios are not present in this build, so defer all evaluation of this scenario to a future build. The latest build includes support for USB motion controllers (with wireless support pledged soon) as well as a host of other improvements, including speech commands and a better teleportation experience. I've grown to adopt Calibri as it didn't really affect my writing especially now when I have to zoom my screen a little. The font name is currently trending in Pakistan and has a good chance of becoming popular.

Rather than compete with Android or iOS, the company that Bill Gates built now seems comfortable molding its mobile strategy around their dominance. These bundles could also feature additional Office apps.