Ahead of Sunday's consultation in Venezuela, UN voices concern for demonstrators

Bishops claim Venezuela is heading for dictatorship

Bishops claim Venezuela is heading for dictatorship

The above figures represent only a fraction of the total number of Venezuelans who may be in need of international protection, as many do not register as asylum seekers, despite the fact that many have indicated that they fled because of violence and insecurity, as well as an inability to meet daily subsistence needs.

And yet the Venezuelan government insists it's all political theater.

He also announced the activation of the second terrorist plan phase against Venezuelan institutions and people.

This Sunday, Venezuela is scheduled to hold a public consultation organized by the opposition-led National Assembly and other groups. In Trinidad and Tobago, UNHCR is assisting the government to progressively assume responsibility for registration, issuance of documentation and refugee status determination.

"The way out is through an agreement, elections and respect for fundamental rights and constitutional powers", said Guterres. Both are Mormons and Holt had planned to spend several months in Caracas with her and her two daughters to secure their visas so they could move with him to the U.S.

The outflux of young and working-age Venezuelans will almost certainly add to the drag on the country's economy, exacerbating the exodus of educated people, medical professionals, and even skilled oil and gas workers.

The South American nation's Cannabis Regulation and Control Institute said Friday in a statement that pot will be available starting July 19 in 5-gram amounts at 16 pharmacies across the country.

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“We are very concerned that more than 450 civilians have reportedly been brought before military tribunals, ” OHCHR spokesperson Liz Throssel said.

Perez's stunt shocked many in Venezuela, although some suggest it was a false flag operation by the government to distract from the crisis.

Perez's colorful past has mesmerized Venezuelans. Images of hundreds of thousands people taking to the streets have been broadcast around the world as they called for Mr. Maduro to step down.

"In every neighborhood, especially the poorer ones, local committees distribute a monthly bag of basic, subsidized products", Ana Graciela Barrios, who works with a community group in the San Agustín del Sur neighborhood, told the Militant by phone from Caracas June 30.

The Roundtable is also taking advantage of a dispute between the Maduro government and Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz. Opposition demonstrators with their faces covered routinely throw Molotov cocktails and fire homemade mortars at police and National Guard sent to break up the protests. Nonetheless a significant section of the working class still sees the Maduro government as their government, or at least a lesser evil to the U.S. -backed opposition.

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