Massive sinkhole swallows two houses in Florida

A sinkhole in Florida continues to grow Friday morning

A sinkhole in Florida continues to grow Friday morning

It appears the sinkhole has stopped growing.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection advises that if you believe a sinkhole is threatening your home, you should contact your insurance company. Their distribution in Florida is not random. Other deputies started yelling for them to move quickly because the ground was collapsing underneath the corner of the house, he said. No major changes or updates are expected throughout the day. Guthrie said crews will continue to monitor the area.

At least 10 others homes have been evacuated for safety reasons.

This morning, authorities asked multiple families to evacuate their homes after the sinkhole opened up. "The American Red Cross is en route to assist us with placing those victims at this point in time".

Remediation was also done on the second home in February 2012.

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Looking closer, he saw that its front wall was missing, and that the front yard had sunken in. In most cases that material is limestone.

Professional geologists and geotechnical engineering consultants with professional geologists on staff can perform a variety of tests to attempt to locate buried cavities which might form sinkholes.

The ground, he said, is still unstable. However, test results may be affected by the local geology and elevation of the water table, and are not always conclusive. The current value of the 1,300-square-foot single-story home is listed at $130,163.

They estimate it could take up to a month to get the situation under control. There's nothing to do. Officials said the county plans to install a temporary fence around the sinkhole.

The Florida Legislature can pass a law exempting the state of Florida from the federal law that mandates Daylight Saving Time.