Kaspersky Withdraws Windows 10 Antivirus Antitrust Action against Microsoft

Microsoft Patches Critical Hole In Windows Search

Microsoft Patches Critical Hole In Windows Search

"Kaspersky Lab is also taking all steps necessary to withdraw its filings to the European Commission and to Germany's Federal Cartel Office, stating that it has no more claims for Microsoft to address". The Russian complaint has already led to a warning from FAS.

Now, Microsoft has agreed to provide cybersecurity developers more time to prepare for Windows updates, and give them final Windows builds earlier.

In response to the Kaspersky antitrust complaint, Microsoft will be making major changes to Windows 10 in the Fall Creators Update. This update is expected to arrive in the September/October timeframe. Moving forward, they'll be working closely with AV vendors to help with compatibility issues, will be giving AV partners better visibility, and more. Using its integrity streams, ReFS detects when data becomes corrupt on one of the mirrored drives and uses a healthy copy of your data on the other drive to correct and protect your precious data.

"We have modified how Windows will inform users when their antivirus application has expired and is no longer protecting them", wrote Lefferts.

In its own blog post about the agreement, Kaspersky Vice President of Consumer Products Andrei Mochola said the company was pleased with the resolution. At the time, Kaspersky accused Microsoft of removing its software from users' PCs when they upgraded to Windows 10, turning to Windows Defender in its place. Choice is always good and being up front about it is the best approach.

"We know that power users have unique needs to run efficiently and we take the feedback we hear seriously", said Microsoft's Partner Group Program Manager for Windows and Devices, Klaus Diaconu, in a blog post on August 10.

Microsoft's not offered pricing for the new version of Windows.

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She also noted that over 23 million people have visited the new web-based privacy dashboard since it was released in January.

Microsoft will also increase the time its antivirus partners will have to review a new Windows update before it's rolled out to users.

Resilient File System enhances the scalability of the workstations; it runs the Microsft's server grade file system. I guess we will see over the next several weeks leading up to the release of the Fall Creators Update.

Basically, what Microsoft hopes these two changes lead to is a reduction in software incompatibilities with Windows 10 Feature updates. NVDIMM-N enables you to read and write your files with the fastest speed possible, the speed of the computer's main memory. "If you've paid for a security solution, you can expect it to be updated on time, so that it can work smoothly with all the OS updates you install".

Microsoft has announced a new edition of Windows 10.

That, of course, can be easily achieved if the operating system vendor creates its own, fully compatible security solution.