$429 million in overdue payments sent to Illinois schools

Rauner Prepared to Compromise on School Funding

Rauner Prepared to Compromise on School Funding

"The categorical payments are no substitute for the general state aid that parents, school administrators and, most importantly, the students, deserve to keep schools open through the entire school year".

Matt McGrath, a spokesman for Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who controls the school system, said there is no answer yet on a local source. It got 60 votes in the House, 11 short of the three-fifths majority necessary to reverse a veto. Another major issue weighing on their minds is what happens if they don't override the Governor's amendatory veto.

"This seems to be politics, and the people affected are the low-income and the children", Alexander said.

A former member of the Illinois House doesn't believe Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of a education funding bill can be overridden by lawmakers in Springfield.

Yesterday marked the date schools were supposed to receive their first general state aid payment while the second payment is due on August 20th.

TIF districts may need to be addressed, he said, "but just doing a knee-jerk reaction, blowing something up and then figuring where the pieces fall is not what a governor ought to be doing".

The $5.7 billion spending plan for the fiscal year that began July 1 includes $300 million the state of Illinois would send the district under education funding legislation.

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Democratic State Rep. Mike Halpin joined local superintendents for the discussion.

It's unclear if legislators will have enough votes to override the governor's veto. Rauner made substantial changes to the plan, which he has complained is a "bailout" for mismanaged Chicago schools. I was disappointed when the majority party took the commission's work and inserted political goodies for special interests.

He's facing no open challenge on the Republican side, but a healthy field of Democrats are vying to take him on.

CPS, which projects an 8,000 enrollment drop this school year, has set an Aug. 28 budget vote by its board.

"From the governor's change, every one of my schools is in danger of being hurt". Communities that hide property tax wealth from the mechanisms of education funding should be compelled to step up and contribute.

Mendoza and other Democrats, including Rauner foe House Speaker Michael Madigan, had called for the governor to subject the awarding of the lucrative contract to the standard (and transparent, though tedious) state procurement processes.